A bit more productive…….

I have made a little more time to paint this week. It actually got a little too warm working in the garden on one or two days mid afternoon during the week just gone. So, I hunted out the parasol and sat outside in the garden to sketch and paint for a while

The polyanthus and primroses are in full array at the moment – small approx 3 x 3”

I also undertook a light and shade exercise from a magazine article. A little cat sitting in a shaft of sunlight.

I thought this little study would make a nice card for a cat lover.

Then the following was done inside one evening as a special card for a family member who was a keen “birder”. Their special interest was the osprey for which they volunteered for “guard duty” on Rutland Water, where the osprey were reintroduced back in the 1990s.

(Ref pixaby)

The veg hopefully will be productive this year also. I have lots of seedlings up in pots. In fact, the courgettes, triffid like, have taken over one windowsill. As we are promised hard frosts the next few nights I dare not put them out, even under cover.

The temperature has dropped by a good ten degrees daytime today ….. oh the vagaries of the British climate …..

4 thoughts on “A bit more productive…….

  1. We are having the same wild shifts in temperature as well here in Indiana. Today the wind is howling at over 50 mph while the temps are dropping to below freezing for tonight. It’s a good thing that, like you, I have both indoor and outdoor interests. And now it just started to rain. What a dreary day! Your cards are beautiful. Whoever gets them will be delighted, and they will probably be framed!

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  2. I particularly like the light and shade study of the cat. The colours are soft and appealing, like puss.

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    1. Thanks Vivienne it was a very good tutorial.🌺


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