More signs of an early spring . . .

Back to unseasonal warmth after a couple of wet days. Our swallows returned on the 9th of April and are frantically nest building in various of our open fronted farm buildings plus the house annex porch. I love to see them but hate the mess!

Other birds are nesting and raising their young all around the garden as well. There are at least three broods of blackbirds recently fledged. The parents are frenetically racing around feeding them. They are noisy with it, these greedy little baby’s, making lots of squeaky noises. It’s good job our old cat has slowed up and no longer ventures out of the house very much. The baby blackbirds would be easy prey.

Some of the wild flowers are already coming into there own earlier in the year than usual. The blue bells are well out already, as is the cow parsley and forget-me- not in the roadside verge and our king cups this year are a real picture (photos of these below)


The cherry blossom and magnolia already past their best and littering the lawn with a confetti of petals…….

Gardening has been my solace this last week or two a welcome ( and potentially productive on the veg front). distraction from “lockdown “ , “shielding” and the stress of online grocery shopping for myself and neighbours!! But luckier than many, I have managed to get some delivery slots …… and where I have failed to get some things other friends have been amazingly supportive.

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