Outside sketching. . . .

I did manage a couple of hours in the garden at he weekend; determined to get something on paper before the expected rain.

All the yellows and greens of spring foliage. (The fir tree on the left took a sideways dive in one of the winter gales and is currently propped back up with a small discreet stake and some big boulders. Unfortunately, the soil in this section of the garden is very shallow).

Dog violet

4 thoughts on “Outside sketching. . . .

  1. Christine Harris April 29, 2020 — 10:50 am

    Lovely painting of your garden, you are inspiring me!

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    1. Never felt less inspired really. Missing TAG and having something to work for I think. ….. keep safe 🌺


  2. You capture the little corners of your garden so well – wheelbarrow and all. the violets are exquisite – your M-I-L loved violets… Ros


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    1. Thanks Ros. Yes Olive was a great one for primroses and violets.


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