Making the most of things . . . . .

Whilst we have been in isolation for the last couple of months adjusting to a number of things has been quite “challenging “.

We are fortunate in that we have a large garden and I can exercise along quiet rural lanes and open hill that is only minutes walk away. However, I have been flat out vegetable gardening as much as I can and only taken walks round “the block” late afternoon for the last week or two. But, today I made the time to walk on the hill and it was glorious. The skylarks were singing their little hearts out high above me; towering clouds drifted across a deep blue sky and the distant mountains were deeply shadowed, coming in and out of shafts of bright spring sunshine.

I had slipped a pencil and small sketch pad in my pocket and I sat for ten minutes to do two very quick sketches of buildings that lie adjacent to the hill fence at the furthest point of today’s walk.

One of the challenges of isolation has been having to change the way I food shop. I have been lucky to get some delivery slots from one of the major supermarkets; shopping roughly fortnightly. However, to maximise the efficiency of the length of breaks between shops, and taking into accounts what is unavailable, I have to think carefully about fresh food which will last, what can be frozen and make sure I utilise every last thing including the little winter veg that is left in the garden and some “foraged” plants.

One of the items I have been unable to obtain is strong bread making flour, so to “ring the changes” on the menu a couple of times a week have been making soda bread and have tried various flavourings. 170g of flour makes a small but generous loaf for the two of us for a lunch of soup and cheese. Last week I made a loaf flavoured with “Jack-by-the-hedge” (wild mustard). It was so yummy I thought I would share this with you on my recipe page (which I have neglected to update for a long time … oops).

Last week I also had four small and rather tired looking satsumas left in the fruit bowl. What to do with them? Orange curd! Recipe also shared.

I hope I can be as resilient as my parents and others must have been during World War II…… making the most of everything. My late father was on the “War Ag” advising and helping farmers maximise food output for the country. The girl that helped on the farm at home,when I was a child, had been part of the “Land Army” and has stayed on in my Dads employ after the war…… The war wasn’t talked off much. We were regaled with a few tales of making do, but people must have wanted to move forward with hopes of better things in the future……

Keep Safe everyone. 🌈

3 thoughts on “Making the most of things . . . . .

  1. Christine Harris May 3, 2020 — 1:38 pm

    Lovely, thank you!

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  2. Nice pencil sketches ! We too have trouble sourcing any bread making flour although it’s beginning to creep back ever so slowly in some places. We have mixed and matched whatever has been left in nearly used packets. A little mixed grain with some ciabatta flour and a pinch of standard white turned out quite well !!

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    1. A couple of organic place have got flour, but I am reluctant to send the friend who does the odd bit of shopping for us on long trip round to get just one item.! I’ve eked some of mine out a couple of times with chickpea flour. It was ok. Hey ho ….


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