Having a bit of fun . . .

I was given a lovely book, off my wish list, for my recent birthday on “Watercolour with Mixed Media”. A very inspiring publication. Thus inspired a undertook this “botanical “ watercolour of Welsh Poppies (papaver cambrensis), of which there are a great many in the garden.

The background was all done using either watercolour washes over materials or using actual leaves etc., to make prints with watercolour or acrylic paint. The first wash was laid on over garden netting, the poppy shapes protected with masking fluid. It was great fun to do.

I think the other half wondered what on earth I was up to with garden detritus, paints, and other stuff all over the dining room table. I really need to be a bit more disciplined and get a selection of leaves etc and see what makes a good print and compile a list, but I couldn’t wait to just get stuck into a painting.

Watch this space for the next offering …….

3 thoughts on “Having a bit of fun . . .

  1. I love the poppies but think I like the background more muted as you’ve shown in the lower image.

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    1. Yes, thanks, I see what you mean. I think the “yellowing” was a bit to do with the scanning process from two different photos. 🌼🌼🤔


  2. Exquisite! I think you’ll be doing more of these! Ros


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