Further distractions . . .

A couple of members of my art group who have been in regular contact initiated a “get together” and we had our first trial “zoom “ meeting last week. We have all been missing our Friday club meetings. We had been instant messaging a bit, but it is not the same and it was lovely to actually see each other and have a look at some of the work we have been doing during isolation. We are going to make it a weekly virtual event now and set a fortnightly challenge to inspire each other to do a bit more “art”. The first agreed challenge is fruit and veg……..

Done the “veg” (which later became soup), but now for the fruit. It’s not like I can just pop to the shops and purchase something interesting to paint! …… What’s left in the fruit bowl …….

1 thought on “Further distractions . . .

  1. I attended our first group together last week. I can understand why you like being back with your crowd.

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