Cats, cats and more cats….. (and orchids)

I mentioned the other day some members of my art group have gone on line and last week we set ourselves the challenge of “drawing an animal from life.” So, I followed the cat around for an hour one very hot afternoon to sketch her. First off, she was rolling around on the grass by our feet as we were lunching in the garden and then she went and found a comfortable spot on the garden wall. An elevated position where she can keep an eye on all the goes on. She ended up getting too hot and came and lay next to me on the bed, later on, whilst I answered some emails. So plenty of different ”poses” to sketch. She is an elderly lady so spends lots of time asleep these days. I should really try another animal subject this week….. before our next virtual meeting.

I just wanted to slip this photo in from my walk last night. The common spotted orchids on the verge up the road as just coming into flower.

Exquisite little flowers

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  1. Great post! Love those cats, and the orchids…💕⭐️⭐️🌹

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