Sheep. . . sheep . . . sheep

I would have been glad to have lived under my wood side, and to have kept a flock of sheep, rather than to have undertaken this government.

Oliver Cromwell

I wonder what Boris thinks of that sentiment at the moment……..

We have in fact been quite busy with our sheep the last couple of weeks. We decided last autumn not to put the ewes to the ram. Neither of us have been in the best of health and lambing is heavy physical work on occasion. After my riding accident last year I would be unable to catch or turn one of our big heavy ewes. However, the other Sunday morning we awoke to discover Lucy, our wicked escape artist, in the paddock with twin lambs! The outcome of her last disappearing act in February! Luckily she had managed all by herself despite her very senior years and she seems to have plenty of milk. We thought she was just very fat like the rest of the flock.

Then, thankfully, last Monday our young neighbour, as prearranged, arrived to shear the sheep (with-in social distancing guidance) . (No farmhouse tea after his hard work I’m afraid). The sheep also required their feet trimming and backs spraying with fly deterrent. The poor old things had been so itchy and uncomfortable in the early hot weather and there is always the risk of “fly strike” when it starts to get hot and humid. If the flies lay eggs in the sheep’s fleece the hatched out maggots can literally eat the sheep alive if not removed. The risks of flies are obviously higher with thick, damp or dirty fleece.

Watercolour done from photographs taken at the time

Be nice if we could get haircuts but that’s going to have to wait for a bit yet…….

6 thoughts on “Sheep. . . sheep . . . sheep

  1. Good to hear how things are on the farm in your country. A shame you couldn’t share a cuppa with your helper. We can at least go for a haircut in NZ and (cross fingers) there will not be another major Covid emergency here. Not quite out of the woods, but getting there. I wish you all the best for these trying days.

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    1. Thank you Vivienne. I think we have a fair way to go over here yet…..but keep buggering on as my old mum used to say 🌺🌺 keep safe.


  2. So beautifully drawn! What s surprise the twin lambs must have been…. I’m enjoying reading A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 again, by Philip Keller. Brings this well-loved Psalm to life. Ros


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    1. Quite a shock especially considering how old the ewe is! 🐑


  3. Some nice drawing – lovely sense of movement of the shearer and I like the rhythm in the sheep drawing.

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    1. Thank you Graham. 😁 👍 Actually, if you see a really good shearer working it’s almost balletic and the sheep won’t struggle against the movements.

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