Summer love . . . .

My daughter had the mostly beautiful bouquet of peonies delivered to me by courier last week as a little “pick me up” during lockdown. Her dad and I will be shielding until at least the middle of August and it’s getting everyone a bit “down”. The loveliest of summer flowers; these were the most delicate pink candy stripe and there were enough to fill a large vase plus an old enamel jug. They were just crying out to be painted.

Watercolour on Esparto paper

6 thoughts on “Summer love . . . .

  1. What a lovely gift from your daughter. Peonies are such beautiful flowers.

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    1. Thank you Vivienne she’s a very thoughtful girl x


  2. I love peonies, and your painting is lovely! Poor you, I know how you must feel, I haven’t seen my one son and family since Christmas. Can’t complain, as the other one has been with us since lockdown, but I do miss them terribly. Strange days…

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    1. Thank you so much Marina. Yes, very strange times. OH starts chemo tomorrow, which hospital delayed for three months due to Covid…….keep safe and I hope you can see your other family very soon 🌺

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