Puppy love . . . .

Let me introduce you to “Suzy” the dearest, hairiest, little Jack Russell terrier pup, who belongs to a good friend. A wicked little scamp she purchased a few months ago. “Suzy”, her owner and I are back to having a “socially distanced “ walk most Sunday afternoons, which is wonderful after our three month break.

This was my first attempt at pastel painting. One of my art group members suggested I give them a go, never having tried this technique before. So, Mr. Amazon dispatched the really cheap set of pastels as recommended. I think I’m converted, at least for animal paintings. They are such a spontaneous and forgiving medium.

4 thoughts on “Puppy love . . . .

  1. Great start – you’ll be giving lessons soon.

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  2. He has turned out well. Lovely fur treatment.

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