New toy . . . .

I purchased a set of clip on lenses to fit over the camera on my iPad or phone. I’ve had a little play with the phone, but since I bought my new toy the weather has been a bit wet and blowy. This makes it very difficult to photograph the few insects that are about on “macro” setting. Everything is swaying about when I’m trying to focus. I have seen very few butterflies or bees lately either, whereas earlier in the summer the garden was buzzing. However, I will persist ; I’m sure it will inspire me for new art work. It was a jolly good £5 worth and a wonderful “time waster” I am sure I can spend hours playing with this little gadget.

Centre of a nasturtium
Lichen on the apple tree
Wild strawberry flower in the rain
Argyra diaphana I think. Beautiful iridescent blue.
Totally failed to get a good photo of a bee they were far too quick and active for me…..I will keep trying.

3 thoughts on “New toy . . . .

  1. What a wonderful gadget! I love macro shots – just highlights all that is beautiful and awe-inspiring in nature. You’ll make good use of it for sure. Ros


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  2. Interesting! Didn’t even know there was such a thing available. Did you get it on Amazon?

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    1. I got mine on EBay actually. I bought the Kodak lenses version. They were on Amazon as well. I was reading about the concept and was surprised they were so inexpensive. 🌺


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