I do like to be beside the seaside. . . .

Oh, how I wish we could be there. Well, perhaps not today as we battle storm Francis, but it would be lovely sometimes. However, I can’t see us going anywhere for some months yet as the other half is still in treatment.

The last given virtual art-group challenge was to paint a “stormy, seaside scene : using silhouettes to pull the eye into the picture “. So hey ho…… pretty specific. I trawled through my seaside snaps and a few internet photos of stormy seas and decided to meet the criteria I would have to paint an imaginary scene.

My first effort was on cheap watercolour paper; done more than anything to explore an imagined composition. Not very satisfactory in the colour sense as the paper soaked up the paint too quickly.

It did, however, lead me to the decision to leave out the boat in my next effort.

I was far more satisfied with this result. Improved, l felt by the additional trees on the left hand cliff. I was also able, on this better quality paper, to lift out the “rain squall “ far more effectively with a sponge.

Lastly, I just wanted to give the same scene a go with pastels.

With or without figures I couldn’t decide…….

8 thoughts on “I do like to be beside the seaside. . . .

  1. With figures….it gives a better sense of massive scale…and I found myself wondering if they left the beach in time before the storm hit…

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    1. Thanks for your comments Carolee. Happy gardening 🌺🌺


  2. I like how you have worked through a series of stormy seas paintings. The sponge work is most effective on the second painting, and with the pastels, I like the two figures, adds an extra dimension.

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    1. Thanks Vivienne. I think they went down to the beach just after the storm went through……..Struggling to get my head round the next project ……..🌺🌺


  3. My choice, the second one but I do love the boat in the first one also! but love them all really… We haven’t seen the sea for about 18 months!

    Love Ros and Richard


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    1. My choice too Roz – generic welsh coastal scene. 😍


  4. I agree with Carolee that the figures add a focus to the composition.Interesting that you decided to leave the boat out of your second version. It looked good as far as I could see ! The main thing is you enjoyed your brief!

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    1. Thanks for the comments Graham. 🌺. Have a good bank holiday


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