Battling the bugs . . . .

I think I have mentioned previously, now my back has improved, I am throwing myself back into gardening. I am particularly determined to up the ante in the veg garden following its neglect last year.

It seems to be a continual battle with the weather and little critters at the moment. The recent storms having battered the runner beans mercilessly. For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to outwit the cabbage white butterflies who are determined to lay on the greens. Plus the slugs are back now the weather has changed.

I have failed miserably, despite having three layers of netting over the cabbage patch, the greens are looking holey and I am spending several hours a week picking off caterpillars as I don’t want to use chemicals. The home produced garlic wash does not seem to have had much effect.

As for the slugs, sheep’s wool seems to be the most successful deterrent and I have been out round the pasture picking up scraps to wrap round the kohl rabbi. The courgettes have have suffered from slug attention as well, but there plenty of those for both us and the slugs to enjoy.

Courgette seems to have been on the menu in some form or another for weeks…… good thing we both like them.

2 thoughts on “Battling the bugs . . . .

  1. Yes, some seasons are like that in the vege plot. I’m presently harvesting broccoli the size of dinner plates with no bugs this year! Ros


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    1. Well done. I can never grow decent broccoli 🥦🥦


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