Keeping spirits up . . . . .

Picture completed in art group session last year.

It’s seems impossible to keep cheerful over the last few days; nothing but misery on the news, endless wind and rain and consequent reduced contact with friends (as we have only been able to meet outside as we are still shielding). So keeping spirits up has been hard.

Everything in the garden is looking miserable and bedraggled. I have tulip bulbs to plant, but at the moment it is too wet and sticky under foot to try. The chickens sit sullenly in the porch if I have forgotten to pull the gate across and egg production has dropped off. I did have a parcel of lavender plug plants arrive in the post yesterday, which I had to pot on. However, I dare not put the pots outside yet in the deluge, so they are also sitting in the porch. I suppose our newly sewn grass seed on the small paddock has benefited. GOS ‘s latest project is constructing a pergola in area we want to reassign for sitting out, as it gets all day sun (when it actually shines!!) but that, of course, is on hold until the weather improves.

Because of the current corona situation and being unable to participate in the occasional exhibition l really felt I wanted to do something useful with my paintings and sketches. So, I decided to advertise them locally on social media with all proceeds to be split between Macmillan and the local hospice group. So far I have sold five, two of which were commissions; requests for particular local views. See below:

My neighbours have been very generous and I feel I have done something to benefit two very worthwhile causes. . . . a small something to engender a little cheer for a change 🌺🌺🌺

8 thoughts on “Keeping spirits up . . . . .

  1. Well done on the sales – always helps with the confidence.

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  2. Beautiful works! Love the autumn still life, too!

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  3. Well done for reaching out in difficult times. “This too shall pass.” Your paintings are just lovely

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    1. Thanks for those kind words and for dropping by 🌺🌺

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