Lots more painting. . . .

With the change in the weather and some pretty wet days I have had more time for my art during the two weeks since I last posted on the blog.

The zoom art group project during this period was quite “illustrative “ in its concept – “an item of clothing draped over a chair” with the suggestion of some accessories. I sketched a couple of different pieces with an old dining chair at different angles and then completed this little watercolour. I definitely think it tells a story.

I also wanted to paint something that might be suitable for selling in my local charity fund raising “campaign”. So armed with some new acrylic paints and two pre-stretched canvases I got busy. Inspired by a couple of walks taken in the bright, autumn sunshine earlier in the month. I kicked off by painting an interesting hawthorn tree I had seen. It stands sentinel at the top of a steep knoll which affords views of both the Beacons and the Black Mountains. (I have actually shifted the mountains for artistic effect, but I don’t think that matters too much.)

I have not really used acrylic paint before and the colour comes over a bit strong, especially the blues. I wanted to paint something a little more subtle in tone. So, next I painted this woodland walk inspired scene. The path I had followed on my walk had wound through some very spindly silver birch trees, left, I think, after conifers had been harvested. I had taken a photograph because the bright autumn colours contrasting with the shadows made by the trees across the path was just so fabulous.

I have really enjoyed having a crack at “acrylics “ – it’s made me paint bigger and bolder…….. so with almost another week of wet days to keep me from outside jobs, perhaps I’ll have a few more paintings to share next post……

6 thoughts on “Lots more painting. . . .

  1. I love the interior painting with tossed clothes. And the avenue of trees. Nicely done.

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    1. Thanks Vivienne… art is a much needed therapy at the moment 🌺🌺


  2. Loved all three paintings but my favourite has to be the chair draped with shawl. The draping is exquisitely done! The woodland walk through the birches really invites one – just beautiful. Ros


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    1. Thanks Ros, if ever you want a small picture I’m happy to post out to you xxx🌺


  3. I’ve used acrylics for a subject when I wanted a punchier image, though there’s a lot of overlap with acrylics and watercolours, particularly with the availability of liquid acrylics.

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    1. Thanks Graham.
      It was funny going back to small watercolour paintings for the commissions after all this bigger bolder stuff.


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