Found a new home . . . .

I sold another watercolour this morning, the proceeds from which will go to the charities for which myself and GOS have been fund raising.

The reason it was purchased is quite poignant really. A local lady bought it to give as a present to her oldest school friend, who has a significant birthday coming up. This friend’s parents farmed beneath the hill depicted and, now deceased, their ashes have been scattered on the hilltop.

The painting will definitely have a good home …..

4 thoughts on “Found a new home . . . .

  1. Lovely painting, and what a wonderful story !

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    1. Yes, a bit heartrending, especially as the two ladies can’t meet at the moment because of Covid.


  2. How lovely! And what a beautiful place to be buried… Ros


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    1. From the top of that hill is one of the best views up the Usk Valley to the Beacons.


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