Ups and downs . . . .

We are really living in a see-saw world of ups and downs at the moment. Hurrah, GOS and I have received our first Covid vaccinations at the local centre. (Up!!). Then (Down – with a thump) both son and family and ourselves have had Covid “contacts” and we are all in 10 days isolation. The family through grandson’s nursery down in the Cotswolds, and ourselves from a brief, passing conversation with a neighbour on the lane as he drove by ……would you believe it ……. when we only occasionally see anyone pass by the property at all. Our Granddaughter’s school in Switzerland is also shut again due to an outbreak……it just seems never ending….. especially as we have to check in daily with “track and trace”.

Thank goodness we can both keep busy. GOS with his current carpentry projects and I can loose my self from time to time with a bit of art and the garden. Lots of pictures this week:-

I did this portrait of a neighbour’s pony as a gift. They have been very helpful with bits of shopping if we’ve been stuck and would always be at the end of the phone if we had a problem.

“Autumn “ is a scruffy little rescue pony, who probably started life with Irish travellers. She arrived in quite a sorry state, but now has a wonderful, caring home with her new owners. In fact, she is very indulged and has the best of everything!

Talking of spoilt pets; we have just shelled out on an electric blanket for the old cat. She has really been feeling the cold with the latest “freeze”. She spends most of the day by the wood burner in the living room, but has been extremely vocal at night wanting to come upstairs on to the beds when the house has cooled down. It was well worth the out lay….there hasn’t been a squeak since it was installed.

As I mentioned last blog post art group were set a small project on “shadow” not using black or grey. So, loosely based on a recent photo of holly trees that edge our hill I tried two versions ….. first in watercolour using sepia and purples for the lengthy shadows.

Then I followed that with a pastel version turning it into an imagined snow scene….

This time using cerulean blue and navy for the shadows.

Keep safe everyone……

4 thoughts on “Ups and downs . . . .

  1. Heavens, what a time you’ve had! Glad you have had your first jabs any way. Like the holly trees. The snow has been lovely to paint but now we are back to rain and more rain, so fairly normal!

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    1. Thanks Graham. Yes, feel a bit like we have been through the mill lately. It’s got very “sticky” here again with mud. Take care 🌺


  2. It’s good to see that you feel like doing your art through these difficult time. Nice work.

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