Pastel portraits. . . . . .

I work much better if I have a “project” and this more important to me during lockdown, to have some focus. . . . .

SO……… I was really pleased when recentlyI was asked to produce two dog “portraits “ for gifts. I settled on executing them in soft pastel as I feel it gives such lovely texture to animal fur. (Particularly appropriate for “Oscar”, who despite his recent hair cut has a very light fluffy coat.). The only stipulation was that a green, grass background was wanted in both pictures and neither to be bigger than A4. With Covid restrictions still in place it was impossible to meet my subjects so I had to work from a couple of none to wonderful photocopied photos…..

“Jess”, a rather short legged, smooth-coated Jack Russell terrier.
“Oscar” a dear little terrier cross breed.

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome, my purchaser was thrilled and best of all my charity fund has had a small boost.

7 thoughts on “Pastel portraits. . . . . .

  1. Lovely work. I particularly like the second painting with the details and the pose.

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    1. Thanks Graham , apparently he usual sits with head cocked to one side 🌺

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  2. I especially like Oscar, as you have him looking so life-like. Not easy to do when working from photocopies. Nice work.

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  3. Just delightful! so life-like … Ros


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