A host of golden daffodils. . . .

The daffodils in the garden are really coming into their own; standing proud in the sunshine and welcoming the spring equinox. We just about had a show for St. Davids Day, 1st of March; enough for me to be able to bring some into the house.

The local church yard is awash with yellow as it holds a huge amount of the small wild daffodils.(Narcissus pseudonarcissus)

We have been set the task of drawing a vase of daffodils in virtual art group. So I have been practicing…… getting the correct yellows, particularly on the pale varieties, is very difficult. I think I need lots more practice it’s a long time since I attempted capturing these little beauties on paper. I mostly I have a “double” variety in my garden and they hardly look like a conventional daffodil. They are just a riot of crinkley little petals.

Wild daffodils
Double daffodils in a vase with pieris
Wild daffodils again
Some I painted a while ago where I am much happier with the yellows

Back to the drawing board as they say ………

8 thoughts on “A host of golden daffodils. . . .

  1. I love seeing your different renditions of daffodils 💐

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  2. Oh to be in England…! Autumn tints out my window. Ros


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    1. It’s lovely at the moment in the spring sunshine. Are you and yours ok in the floods?


  3. The bottom one is elegant! Wish I were as talented as you are…

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    1. Thanks Carole – and I wish I could grow veg like yours! 🌺🥕🌶🥬


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