And yet more daffodils. . . . .

Still daffodil obsessed….. but they are nearly over in the garden. The tulips and the early shrubs are starting to bloom now and the magnolia is splendid.
Magnolia stellatta

I haven’t done much painting since my last post and what I have completed has still been “daffodils” as part of the last art group project. The family all got daffodil cards for Easter in some form or other ! As the weather has improved, and was very warm over the Easter weekend, I have spent much of my time on preparatory work in the vegetable garden. I have lots of seedlings of various sorts in pots on the window sills and I am gradually moving things out to the cold frame. The broadbeans actually got planted out today as well. I cannot so the seed directly into the ground because of marauding mice! There would be nothing left, as I have found to my cost in the past. I grew more than enough for myself and so was able to pass a tray of beans on to my son and his wife who have just been granted half an allotment. They have their own first proper veg patch! Not used for a while, but had been covered with old carpet to suppress the weeds. I can’t wait to see what they can do with it.

Watercolour of a supermarket bunch of tulips. I will not pick them from the garden and spoil my display outside.

Spring has definitely sprung ……

2 thoughts on “And yet more daffodils. . . . .

  1. How excited you must be with these lovely shows of Spring. Here, Autumn is slowly claiming our days, and my husbands garden plot is now planted with winter vegetables. I am hoping to start a flower patch at the community garden, as I wish to pick my own to have inside. I like that you didn’t wish to upset your tulip display and bought from the store.

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    1. It’s lovely and dry at the moment with a slight frost each morning. Bodes well.


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