Still life practice . . . .

The latest little challenge suggested for art club.

For the next project we have been given an architectural/building brief….. lots of straight lines and perspectives…… as my little grandson would say “uh oooh”.

Executed on my part in watercolour. The brief was a bowl of fruit plus whatever else we wanted in a small collection. Good composition and drawing practice. We have some large soup dishes with a basket weave pattern on the inside which I chose to fill with fruit to enable me to keep the painting quite small on an A4 pad. Plus my, currently favoured, little willow pattern milk jug filled with spring foliage and a few pulmonaria flowers. I used masking fluid to retain the stipples highlights on the avacado. Unfortunately, too wet a purple shadow ran into the underside of my bowl and spoilt the shape; I might fiddle with that bit again, but hey, pretty pleased on the whole.

P.S. we had one poor little swallow arrive back three weeks ago. He’s been all on his own twittering dolefully on the wires until suddenly last Friday a mate turned up. What a relief. But, was has happened to the others we usually have three or four pairs of summer residents? No sign of the martins yet either….

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