The original idea for this blog was as a forum for the watercolour sketches and drawings I appear to be obsessed with producing since going on a botanical painting weekend 18 months ago.  ( I envisaged it a little bit like a modern version of Edith Holden’s  “Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady”.)  I also hope, that apart from giving people the occasional “giggle”, this journal and my observations will engage people with the countryside, plants, animals and rural way of life that’s so important to me, and which, I feel, has become so distanced from our modern urban society. So much knowledge of basic, what I would have to term as ” survival skills”,  have  been diluted and no longer feature in the modern way of life.   Nor do we seem to have the time “to stand and stare” and truly observe, appreciate  and try to understand the natural world around us.

The author, whose farming lineage can be traced back to the 14th century in the Cotswolds,  currently lives on a small holding in the Welsh borders with her husband, horse and animals.

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  1. Hello! I saw your work in Doodlewash. Lovely blog. Pleased to meet you, Marina


    1. Thanks marina, same to you. Regards

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  2. Your drawings are lovely and I so very much enjoy your writings of farm life. Thank you. I live in the southern part of USA on small acreage with cows. I’ve recently returned from visiting England, Ireland and Scotland and found the countryside intriguing especially Cotswold. I always look forward to your blog. Linda


    1. Hi Linda, lovely to hear from you. I appreciate your comments – hope I can keep on entertaining . . . .


  3. Where have you been? Hiding? I now know where you live…well! Sort of. A farm. With land. In the Cotswolds. Close enough. Your watercolours are wonderful. I’m still in the “another one for the bin” phase! Thanks for sharing. Raye


    1. Thanks for the comments. Stack in the “bin”myself. Tend to overwork stuff! Keep trying.


  4. P.S. Farm. Land. NOT Cotswolds. Wales…close to the edge of…something else. Close counts. R.


  5. P.S. Farm. Land. NOT Cotswolds. Wales…close to edge of…something else. Close counts. R.

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  6. Hello! I really love your work! So much, in fact, I wanted to ask you if you might allow me to use one of your pieces for my logo? It’s the Honeysuckle piece you did that I am interested in. I am all the way in Huntsville, AL. If not, I completely understand! Just thought I would try! Thank you!


    1. Very much depends ? Logo for what exactly ?


      1. I travel within Tennessee and Alabama selling handmade crochet and string art items. My mom and mother-in-law also contribute with sewn baby items and folded book art. It wouldn’t be widely seen. I just was looking for a pretty Honeysuckle image but was having a hard time finding what I was looking for until I found your beautiful Honeysuckle painting.


      2. Yeah, will be fine. If you can incorporate the copyright stuff – © Illustratedcountrydiary so much the better


      3. By the way how did you find my site?


  7. I google searched Honeysuckle Painting 🙂


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